So the story starts in the summer of 2014 in the seaside town of Brighton, England. The renewable energy engineering consultancy ‘OST Energy’ had just relocated to the top floor of the Tower Point office block, and the company would prove a melting pot of talent for Brighton's (soon to be) greatest Rock 'n' Roll band. 
    Raul ('Ace of Bass') Astorga joined the company in 2014 and would occasionally bring a bass to the office, as he had recently started taking lessons. This was noticed by Ben ('Eazy') Rider, and soon after chatting the guys started jamming at Raul's house in evenings after work. 

    One Friday in the ‘Three Jolly Butchers’ pub, colleague and drummer Nicola Aliberti suggested the boys get together and have a mess about in a studio. These sessions became notorious for loud music and the intoxicated states of the colleagues, which did not always facilitate work in the office the next day. 
    Unknown to the three chaps was that also within the office existed one of rock's great guitarists, Simon ('Turbo') Taylor. With an undeniable playing attitude, and gravelly vocal sound, Simon's involvement diversified the group and considerably up-skilled the band. 
News was travelling fast that some serious rocking was taking place, yet this had somehow bypassed the attention of fellow colleague, Jenna ('Jazzy Fingers') Holder. It wasn't until a fateful, music-driven heart-to-heart with Nicola that the shared love of rock was discovered. With a
 huge desire to share the four fellas' rock star lifestyle, Jenna joined the group playing keys. 
   Nicola would soon leave for sunnier climates and on the brink of collapse the band was in uncharted territory. To the rescue, in stepped Jose Luis ('El Grande') Galo. A drummer from the south of Spain with an appetite for contratempo rhythm and great knowledge of shaping song moments, Galo’s inclusion in the band redefined the group’s ability to craft songs.

And so The G59ers were formed in Brighton in the autumn of 2015. The band has played a number of shows in Brighton, including the annual company Christmas party, and most recently were crowned champions of the 2017 ‘When Bands Collide’ Battle of the Bands Competition hosted at ‘The Haunt’, Brighton, performing a number of rock/pop covers and originals. Currently working on a batch of new material, The G59ers shall be showcasing soon in venues near you! Keep your eyes and ears open!

In case you were wondering, the G59 is a component which connects renewable electricity to the grid... 

We all work as renewable energy consultants, could you tell?

'El Grande'Galo


Ben 'Eazy    Rider'


Raul 'The ACE of BASS'



Keyboard player

Simon 'Turbo Taylor'


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Brighton, UK

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